Jubilee Street it is a story told on its own time.

Jubilee Street is about light & darkness. Sound & silence. New & old. It is about trashy old muddy places & soulful bright skies. Desirable contrasts.

Jubilee Street is all about growing. It is all about giving more. Pushing boundaries. Making challenges. Dealing with them.

Jubilee Street is all about sound & image. It has a soundtrack playing. It does have a song related. It does have an imaginary place to live. It does rely in its own language. It does be inspired by everything that surrounds it.

Jubilee Street is about that Nick Cave song. In his own words, it is about transforming. It is about vibrating. It is about glowing. It is about flying. It is to make you look for me & look for yourself too.

Jubilee Street wants to reach to the next level. It wants to be better. It does not want to stop. It does not want to rely in his own shadow or in its own ego. It wants something new from its last thing.

Jubilee Street will be here for as long as it makes sense. & if someday it does feel it does not, it will pause.

Jubilee Street is an all-time unfinished story.